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Podcasts (audio) and Vodcasts (video) provide effortless and digestible education that you can view/listen to in your own time that features professionals in the disability field having a dialogue and discussing topics concerning people with disabilities. Orange background with a logo that reads THINK+change, TALKS, TRAININGS, TOOLS. Vodcast Podcast series


Breaking Barriers in the Arts

Breaking the Barrier of Disability Bias

Invisible Disability

The Intersection of Race and Disability

Caregiving and Relationships

Beyond Love, Relationships, and Disability

Caregiving Across the Continuum

How to be an Advocate for your Child

Criminal Justice and Victimization

Colorado Bureau of Investigation and people with IDD (Colorado-specific)

Disability and School-to-Prison Pipeline

Forensic Interviewing Victims with IDD’s

Supporting Sex Offenders with IDD

The Criminal Justice System

Victimization and People with Disabilities: It’s Real

Victimization and People  with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


Finances, Assets, and Disability: What you need to know


Cannabis and Disability 

Expanding Access and CBD Therapies for People with Developmental Disabilities

Medical Cannabis: Opportunities and Challenges 

Substance Use Disorders and People with Developmental Disabilities 

Trauma and Developmental Disability 


Disability, Rights, and Discrimination

Human Rights, the Final Settings Rule, and Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

What you can expect from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Self Determination

Supporting Self Determination

Special Education

Planning for your child’s natural transitions in school

Special Education Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Basics

Special Education Services: IEP vs. 504 Plans

Supports and Services

Addressing the Direct Support Professional Shortage

Adulting 101: Molding the Path to Adulthood

Adult Services for Coloradans with Intellectual and Other Developmental Disabilities (IDDs) (Colorado-specific)

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