Expanding Access and CBD Therapies for People with Developmental Disabilities

It can be a complicated world when individuals, families, and professionals want to safely navigate CBD access as we sit in limbo between federal and state laws and regulations. This 4-part podcast/vodcast series helps you explore the facts and can help bust the myths about people with developmental disabilities using therapeutic CBD.

Why should you tune in?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating and non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant that has been known to provide symptom relief in individuals with disabilities. The therapeutic properties of CBD have been demonstrated and continue to be researched, but due to the discrepancy between state and federal law and regulations, it can be complicated to safely navigate an unregulated market of products and expand access in different settings.

This podcast/vodcast series was made possible through support from Developmental Pathways and The Arc of Aurora.

Episode 1: CBD 101 & Developmental Disabilities (DD)-Featuring Adam Young – Development Officer and Care Specialist at the Realm of Caring Foundation.

  • -What CBD is, and why people are interested in exploring its medical and therapeutic uses;
  • -Hear stories about the effects CBD has had on individuals with DD and their families;
  • -Learn about published and continuing research between Johns Hopkins University and the Realm of Caring Foundation; and
  • -Safety tips on navigating the complicated retail market of CBD.

Episode 2: CBD in School settings -Featuring Bridget Dandaraw-Serritt – Founder of ACT (Advocates for Compassionate Therapy) Now

Episode 3: CBD in Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) – Featuring Bridget Dandaraw-Serritt – Founder of ACT (Advocates for Compassionate Therapy) Now

Episode 4: Epidiolex (cannabidiol) & Developmental Disabilities – Featuring: Laura Borgelt, PhramD, MBA at CU Anschutz Medical Campus

  • -What Epidiolex is and what it’s currently approved for;
  • -Learn about continuing research on Epidiolex use for other disabilities and health conditions;
  • -How you can have a conversation with your physician about exploring Epidiolex; and
  • -The difference between Epidolex and retail CBD; and
  • -How you can safely navigate products.

Tune in to the podcast episodes below

Listen to “TRAININGS: E53: CBD 101 & Developmental Disabilities” on Spreaker.
Listen to “TRAININGS: E54: CBD in School settings” on Spreaker.
Listen to “TRAININGS: E55: CBD in Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) ” on Spreaker.
Listen to “TRAININGS: E56: Epidiolex (cannabidiol) & Developmental Disabilities” on Spreaker.