Supporting Sex Offenders with IDD

It can be tough to find the right balance between respecting the rights and needs of people with IDD who commit sex offenses and keeping the community safe. But supporting sex offenders with IDD is vital to growth, reducing risk, and improving their quality of life.

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Kyle Lucas, PhD, is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in helping people with developmental disabilities. With years of experience in supporting sex offenders with IDD, Dr. Lucas sits down with us to discuss the strategies and approaches to create lasting change.

Discussed in this episode

  • Challenges with the IDD system;
  • Successful strategies, approaches, and interventions;
  • The process and use of Risk Assessments;
  • Balancing individual needs and community safety; and
  • Fostering “buy-in” from the individual and support team.

Why you should tune in
Learn how caregivers, advocates, and support teams can help people with intellectual or developmental disabilities who struggle with inappropriate sexual behavior. Maybe they have become involved with the criminal justice system or have had their rights restricted. No matter what, support is crucial and change is possible.

Learn more by watching a vodcast (video) or listening to podcast (audio) episode 81.

Supporting Sex Offenders with IDD featuring Dr. Kyle Lucas, PhD, LPC: Clinical Director at Ability Counseling, LLC


  • 1:00 – Work and experience of Dr.Lucas
  • 5:00 – Challenges and gaps in services
  • 8:15 – The process and function of Risk Assessments
  • 12:50 – Successful strategies and interventions
  • 17:30 – Balancing the needs of the individual with community safety
  • 22:20 – Success stories and positive outcomes
  • 29:35 – Creating success among a support team
Referenced in this episode: 5:20 – SIS Level = Supports Intensity scale – Seven level assessment that determines how much support a person with IDD needs in their day-to-day life. 10:05 – ARMIDILO-S – Assessment Risk and Management of Individuals with Developmental and Intellectual Limitations who Offend – Risk assessment instrument for people with IDD.

This work is made possible through support from Colorado Access, Dungarvin, arc Thrift StoresDevelopmental Pathways, and The Arc of Aurora.

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