Special Education Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Basics

Students with developmental disabilities in special education have Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). This five-part vodcast (video) and podcast (audio) series provide basic information on the IEP, including federal and Colorado state laws that govern special education, IEP fundamentals, medical versus educational diagnoses, behavior plans, and educational goals and objectives.

Watch the videos below for the vodcast series (subtítulos opcionales disponibles en español) or scroll down to the bottom of the page to listen to the podcast series. Podcasts are also available SpreakerItunesiHeartRadio, or Spotify

What is an IEP? This episode offers details on federal and Colorado special education law, including eligibility, goals, objectives, accommodations, service hours, and behavior plans. Also discussed is how the role of special education changes from early intervention/Child Find through the adult transition.

IEP eligibility & evaluations – This episode reviews what is required for a child to be eligible for an IEP, what eligibility evaluations are, and the differences between medical and educational diagnoses.

Annual, Re-Eval, & Triennial IEPs – This episode breaks down the different types of IEPs: Annual, Re-Eval, and Triennial. It also includes a discussion of a “change of service.”

Behavior Plans & the IEP – This episode identifies the steps needed to create and change an educational-focused Behavior Plan. It defines the difference between a behavior plan and discipline and discusses what an FBA (functional behavior assessment) is, how data is collected, and how an IEP addendum is defined.

IEP goals, objectives, & data – This episode presents what a parent should know about IEP goals and objectives, data collection, and ESY (extended school year). Strategies are suggested to change an ineffective IEP.

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Listen to “TRAININGS: E 13: What are the differences among Annual, Re-Eval, and Triennial IEPs?” on Spreaker.

Listen to “TRAININGS: E 14: What should I know about Behavior Plans and the IEP?” on Spreaker.

Listen to “TRAININGS: E 15: What should I know about IEP goals, objectives, and data collection?” on Spreaker.