Beyond Love, Relationships and Disability

Man and woman with down syndrome kissing

People with disabilities have been fighting for their rights for decades. While many areas of community life have improved, people with disabilities often have trouble successfully navigating loving long-term intimate relationships. This 3-part series reviews the common struggles including, but not limited to the “marriage penalty”, considerations for service delivery, and planning for the future.

Episode 1: Finding Love – evaluates guardianship considerations, safe ways to meet people, impact on benefits such as SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, and Home and Community-Based Services, and the “marriage penalty.”

    • Episode 2: Strategies to make it work –  reviews civil union, domestic partnerships, and common law “traps”, becoming a paid caregiver, and adjusting benefits and bank accounts.

Episode 3: Planning for the future, with special guest Von Limbaugh from the Limbaugh Law Firm – navigate Advanced Directives, having children, and Estate Planning.


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