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Prefer self-paced learning and receiving a Certificate of Completion?

Then our free online, self-paced, learning platform, THINK+change Academy is for you! Here you can take online courses on your own time to further your education for all things disability! Every online training offers course-specific content packed with video slide-based lectures, downloadable TOOLS to reinforce content, closed captioning, and MORE!

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A Primer on the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) -Learn how to better understand the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and the IEP process.

Schooling at Home, your guide to remote and hybrid learning with Individualized Education Program (IEP) Supports-Your guide to remote and hybrid learning with Individualized Education Program (IEP) supports.

Supporting Youth with Developmental Disabilities Who Enter the Juvenile Criminal Justice System– We know that our work is never done when it comes to Transforming the Special Education School-to-Prison Pipeline. But, an important topic that we need to consider is what happens when youth with developmental disabilities enter the juvenile criminal justice system.

Transforming the Special Education School-to-Prison Pipeline-A solutions-focused training about youth with I/DD, juvenile justice, special education, behavior, bias, trauma-informed response, and restorative practices.

Colorado Specific

Living Well: Host Home Service Delivery Option-Everything you need to know about Colorado host home services including eligibility, what services and supports are provided, and how to find the right fit.

Disability Rights

Title III of the ADA and why Public Accommodations Matter– Does it feel daunting to be ADA-compliant? Or are you unsure how to provide an accommodation or not sure what the term “accommodation” means? Have you ever had an ADA complaint filed against your business or are curious about what could happen if you are not ADA-compliant? Then this course is for you!

How to use THINK+change in your work

Cultivate learning that advances everyone; people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and you -Learn how to use, access, and facilitate continued training and education through THINK+change’s menu of options.

Public Speaking

The Power of a Collective Voice, Master the Art of Creating a Speakers Bank– A Speakers Bank can be a group of volunteers connected to a disability organization that can speak about topics affecting them and their loved ones. Together we can help people with disabilities and their families speak their truth about topics and issues that are important to them and you!


Every Voter Counts-Learn best practices and basic accommodation information for supporting voters with disabilities.