THINK+change offers an array of TRAININGS that fit every learning style to include THINK+change Academy Courses, Micro-learning, podcasts and vodcasts, and in-person training. To view each of our TRAINING options, click on the title below that interests you.

THINK+change Academy Courses

THINK+change Academy is your online learning platform where you can take online courses on your own time to further your education for all things I/DD. Every online training offers course-specific content packed with video slide-based lectures, downloadable TOOLS to reinforce training content, closed captioning, and MORE! Click here to check out and to enroll in THINK+change Academy.

A Primer on the Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

Every Voter Counts

Schooling at Home, your guide to remote and hybrid learning with Individualized Education Program (IEP) Supports

Transforming the Special Education School-to-Prison Pipeline


Microlearning offers short e-learning videos.

Disability in Society Series

Every Customer Matters

Every Victim Matters

Vodcasts and Podcasts

Vodcasts (video) and podcasts (audio) are published quarterly and provide targeted information affecting children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), their families, and the professionals in their lives.

Adult Services for Coloradans with Intellectual and Other Developmental Disabilities (I/DDs)

Beyond Love, Relationships, and Disability

Breaking the Barrier of Disability Bias

Cannabis and Disability 

Caregiving Across the Continuum

Colorado Bureau of Investigation and people with IDD

Disability and School-to-Prison Pipeline

Disability, Rights, and Discrimination

Forensic Interviewing Victims with IDD’s

Medical Cannabis: Opportunities and Challenges 

Planning for your child’s natural transitions in school

Special Education Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Basics

Supporting Self Determination

The Criminal Justice System

Victimization and People with Disabilities: It’s Real

Victimization and People  with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

What you can expect from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


Past conferences