A variety of education options that fit every learning style

We understand that we all learn and retain educational information differently! That’s why we offer an array of disability TRAININGS resources!

THINK+change Academy Courses

A self-paced, learning platform, where you can take online courses on your own time to further your education for all things disability! Learn more about THINK+change Academy. 

Microlearning Videos

Short e-learning videos that offer a holistic approach to skill-based learning via small learning units. All videos are just a few minutes long and offer targeted content affecting people with disabilities. Learn more about Microlearning.

Vodcasts (video) and Podcasts (audio)

Easy and digestible learning you can view/listen to your own time that features professionals discussing topics affecting people with disabilities.  Learn more about Vodcasts and Podcasts.

THINK+change Conferences

We have coordinated, developed, and hosted an array of educational conferences affecting people with disabilities over the years. Learn more about our conference history.

Need something specific?

THINK+change can provide targeted and solutions-focused in-person or virtual training. Contact us to submit an inquiry.