Thought-provoking disability video storytelling series

THINK+change TALKS feature people with disabilities, their families, and the professionals in their lives who share their lived experiences. Watching TALKS is a great way to increase crucial conversations to help spur dialogue, recognize inclusion, and understand the unique challenges and successes of people with disabilities.

Watch no-cost TALKS for a discussion at a work retreat, as an icebreaker, as a new hire orientation, as part of your overall employee-training curriculum, community club/group gathering, as personal development, and much more!


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Behavior: What Should We Know

Higher Education and Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Series

Bias and Race

Breaking the Barrier of Disability Bias

Living with Disability

The Intersection of Race and Disability

Caregiving and Relationships

A Right to Love: The Connection of Love and Disability

Caregiving Across the Continuum 

Children with Developmental Disabilities

Developmental Disabilities and Foster Care

Disability and School-to-Prison Pipeline 

Criminal Justice and Victimization

Victimization and People with Disabilities: It’s Real


Cannabis and Disability