A Right to Love: The Connection of Love and Disability

Pictured are 4 women and 2 men looking cheerful and happyRelationships are part of the human experience, regardless of disability. But, those with disabilities may face implicit bias,  assumptions, and microaggressions from those in the community who are unprepared to understand the unique nuances of those relationships. This mini-documentary series shares the perspectives of two married couples, a person who identifies as femme queer, and a relationship coach for neurodiverse individuals on what we need to know about people with disabilities and their right to love. Prefer a podcast? Listen to the full-length podcast.

Why you should watch: Reexamine your biases about people with disabilities when it comes to love, marriage, intimacy, and dating, and consider how assumptions – yours and others’ – affect citizens with disabilities. Together we can improve understanding of the need for more inclusion and acceptance of people with disabilities and their right to love.

This TALKS series was made possible through support from arc Thrift Stores, Developmental Pathways, PASCO, and The Arc of Aurora.

Part 1: Features Jim and Annie, a couple with developmental disabilities who have been married for over 30 years.

Part 2: Features Mandy, a relationship coach for neurodiverse individuals. 

Part 3: Features Robin and Bruce, a married couple with children where one person has a visible disability and the other does not.

Part 4: Features the perspective of Lynda, who identifies as femme queer and has invisible disabilities and chronic health conditions.