Past conferences

Finding Health 2018, July 2018

2018 Finding Health Conference logo

Everything we put in our mouths is, ultimately, part of our nutrition.  The Finding Health Conference focused on understanding the foundation of good nutrition as well as considerations for making nutrition work for REAL life, which may include needing dietary modifications, and considering supplements such as hemp products such as medical cannabis and CBD.

Finding Health 2017, September 2017

2017 Finding Health Conference logo

For some people, medical cannabis has successfully treated, at a minimum, epilepsy, autism spectrum disorder, spasticity, PTSD and pain. The Finding Health Conference provided information attendees needed to evaluate health treatment options. Finding Health 2017 provided an introduction to the terminology of medical cannabis, patient and medical provider experiences, as well as quality standards and legal considerations essential to discovering health care options.

Transforming the Special Education Pipeline to Prison Conference, June 2017

Transforming Special Ed Pipeline to Prison logo

Did you know that 85% of youth in juvenile detention facilities have special education qualifying disabilities? The “School to Prison Pipeline” refers to policies and practices that push children out of classrooms and into the juvenile criminal justice system. Transforming the Special Education Pipeline to Prison Conference examined the roles of behavior management, personal safety and implicit bias, trauma-informed care, positive behavior support, and restorative practices in impacting the pipeline to prison.