Bridging the Gap Project

Download the Bridging the Gap Flyer for project information.

In the center of the image, a blue mask is pictured. Above the mask, an arched brown bridge stretches across, signifying connection and progress. Arrayed on either side of the bridge, four distinct individuals stand together, representing a diverse spectrum of races, genders, and abilities. Beneath the group on the left, the word "equality" is inscribed. Beneath the group on the right, the word "equity" is etched.
  • -WHAT: Earn stipends learn about COVID-19’s continued impact on those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).
  • -WHO: Colorado residents with IDD, their families, friends, caregivers, and IDD support providers and professionals.
  • -HOW: Convenient online learning you can watch at your pace and on your own time.
  • -WHEN: Gift cards will be available until we run out, allowing you the flexibility to take this training at a time that best suits you.


Option 1: Receive $50.00. Option 2: Receive $50.00. Or choose both: Receive a total of $100.00!

Option 1: Enroll and take an online course (duration: 35 minutes) 

Option 2: Watch three video series (total time: 35 minutes)

To receive a gift card (Colorado residents only who have a connection IDD)

After finishing the training(s), CLICK HERE to take the follow-up survey. You’ll receive your e-gift card within 2 weeks. Don’t miss out on this opportunity; it’s available until we run out of gift cards.

Additional Bridging the Gap Project Resources:

This work was made possible through support from the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council