Substance Use in the IDD Community

Pictured is a computer monitor on the left hand side featuring information offered in the Substance Use in the IDD Community TOOL. Additionally, there is a clip art of a nasal spray and clip art examples of the printable tool.

It’s time that we spread awareness about a very prevalent issue affecting the intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) community, Substance Use Disorders (SUD). Unfortunately, individuals with IDD face addiction-related issues at rates ranging from 7 to 26%. This can include prescription medications with addictive properties or non-prescription “street drugs”.

You can start breaking the stigma by talking about it! With the Substance Use in the IDD Community TOOL you can learn the facts around Substance Use and how to assist in reversing a drug overdose! This downloadable PDF includes print out plain-language instructions on how to use a life-saving opioid rescue medication (Naloxone).

Why download this TOOL?

Empower yourself with information! Knowledge and discussion are the first steps in addressing the SUD crisis that faces our communities. Learn about the research, risk factors, and advocacy around SUDs and people with IDD, and what you can do to help!

Download the Substance Use in the IDD Community TOOL