Substance Use – PODVOD Posts – Announcement

In this image, there are four circles, each containing an individual, as well as black clip art depicting a microphone. Moving from left to right, the initial circle showcases the host, Erica Dennison. She is characterized by shoulder-length brown hair and is adorned in a black sleeveless collared shirt, set against a vibrant background adorned with colorful flowers. In the following circle, the guest Ann Noonan from Noonan Consultants is presented. She stands confidently with crossed arms, sporting short sandy brown hair and a white collared shirt. The third circle features Dr. Chad Johnson from Urban Peaks Rehab. He is depicted with a shaved head and is dressed in a grey and red tie, collared white shirt, and a black suit jacket. The final image spotlights Erika Spraker from Lifelong Inc. She is recognized by her long black hair and wears black-rimmed glasses, creating a distinctive and professional appearance.