Respect-First Language Guide

Your words matter! Language spreads, language becomes action, and if we aren’t careful- language can truly harm!

Have you ever just wanted someone to give you a “say this, not that” guide to using respectful language? While that would keep things simple, humans and society are not that simple! All people with disabilities are unique, have the right to self-identify, and can have many intersectional identities!

Why you should download this TOOL:

Use this guide as a basic foundation to help you understand how language can be used respectfully within the disability community.

Download the Respect-First Language Guide

Image is green with the THINK+change logo and 3 squares. There are two icons that would be viewed as a book clip art icon and a brochure clip art icon. There are other images with a hand holding a piece of paper, two hands holding a sign that says respect and a square note that says words have power.