Their Lived Experience, a Train-The-Trainer Guide about Blended Identities and Disability Bias


This Train-the-Trainer Guide is meant to promote an open dialogue about race, disability, and bias. Included in this guide are video links of people with disabilities that THINK+change met with and step-by-step instructions for the trainer, manager, or supervisor to follow. Even if you are the greenest facilitator, this guide makes it stress-free to start the conversion with this easy-to-follow resource! Together we can spur conversation, recognize inclusion, and understand how to be a better ally in supporting people with disabilities who have blended identities.

When to use this guide

Use this guide for discussion at a work retreat, as an icebreaker, as new hire orientation, or as part of your overall employee-training curriculum.  The guide is set up to be used in its entirety in one day or cut into smaller pieces.

Learning Objective

Understand that people with disabilities who have blended identities have unique and distinct lived experiences that reflect the complexities of their lives.


Suggested audiences include disability service agencies; advocacy organizations; law enforcement; emergency services; victim service providers; case management agencies; home care; direct support professional agencies; program-approved services agencies (PASA); and direct support professionals.

Estimated time

10 – 15 minutes per the seven separate individual video discussions, or 70 min – 1.75 hours for a full series discussion.


All videos are closed-captioned and offer transcription for individuals who use a screen reader.

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