Immigration and Disability Social Media Kit

Four individuals share joyful smiles. Starting from the left, a woman with curly brown hair and glasses dons a stylish black turtleneck. Moving to the center, a younger man exudes warmth in a red shirt and black vest, complemented by his dark brown hair. Continuing, a middle-aged man showcases a friendly grin, dressed in a vibrant red t-shirt with peppered back hair. Finally, on the right, a woman with brown, curly hair styled half up and half down radiates charm in a white turtleneck, adorned with a pink scarf and a cozy grey sweater.

In 2023, THINK+change produced a storytelling mini-documentary series (TALKS) on Immigration, and how people with developmental disabilities and their families are impacted. This series lifted up voices of community members as well as communicated the challenges faced when it comes to immigrating to the United States. To accompany this TALKS series, THINK+change developed a Social Media Kit, designed to empower community members and advocates to amplify these stories and raise awareness about the issues faced by these resilient individuals.

Why download the no cost kit?

By harnessing the collective power of social media, this kit aims to bring the stories to a broader audience, fostering empathy, support, and ultimately driving positive change.

Download the Social Media Kit for Home Away from Home: Immigration Across the Border and Disability