Housing and Disability Social Media Kit

4 people pictured including 2 men and 2 women.

In 2023, THINK+change unveiled a storytelling mini-documentary series around Housing Challenges and the impact on individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. This series not only amplifies the voices of community members, but also illuminates the hurdles faced in the ongoing struggle to secure affordable, accessible housing. THINK+change has crafted a no cost Social Media Kit for community members designed to facilitate the amplification of these stories, raising awareness about the challenges encountered by these individuals.

Why should you download the no cost social media kit?

By leveraging the collective influence of social media, this kits aspires to extend the reach of these narratives to a broader audience, cultivating empathy, garnering support, and ultimately catalyzing positive change.

Download the no cost social media kit for Housing Challenges and People with Developmental Disabilities.