Higher Education and Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Train-the-Trainer Guide

Let’s talk about individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who want to seek higher education! The Higher Education and Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Train-The-Trainer Guide, with TALKS videos, features self-advocate, Sam Jarris, to help you spur dialogue about what Sam and other students with autism need from the higher education system to be successful.
Why you should use the no-cost guide
Use this guide to have a discussion with your team, family, community group, etc. to explore what students on the Autism spectrum need from the higher education system to be successful. The guide is great for preparation to discuss this topic at a community forum or town hall, or to be used at a work retreat, as an icebreaker, at new hire orientation, or as part of your overall employee-training curriculum.
The no-cost guide provides:
– Videos of self-advocate, Sam Jarris, sharing the obstacles he has personally faced and what he feels he and others need to be able to succeed
– Background of tough realities and with conversation starters for trainees to connect to each video.
– Step-by-step instructions, and questions to facilitate a discussion for even the greenest community member, trainer, manager, or supervisor to follow.
– Regardless if you are a first-time trainer or never trained before – we have got you ready with this easy-to-follow resource!
Who should use the no-cost guide
– Advocates;
– People with ASD or other disabilities who want to learn how to self-advocate;
– Facilitators who want to discuss this issue with family, work/school team, or community groups;
– Family members of those with ASD or other disabilities;
– Professionals who plan to or currently work in public, private or higher education; and
– Anyone in the life of someone with ASD.
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