Every Victim Matters

The six-part Every Victim Matters microlearning video training series is a perfect resource to help ensure you and your team are prepared to support victims with disabilities. The training offers basic information about the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), and interacting with victims who are, blind or visually impaired, Deaf or hard of hearing, have a Service Animal, use a wheelchair, and have developmental disabilities.

These disability-focused videos are a great addition to your overall employee training, new hire orientation, work retreats, icebreakers, and/or continued education. Each training includes a pre-and-post test and a short (4 minutes or less) video that focuses on best practices in supporting and interacting with people with disabilities. An Every Victim Matters poster is also available for shipping and handling fee.

The ADA does not specifically name all impairments that are covered, so it is best to provide requested accommodations without questioning the victim about his/her disability.

Interacting with victims who have developmental disabilities.

Interacting with a victim who uses a wheelchair.

Interacting with a victim who has a service animal. 

Interacting with a  victim who is Deaf or hard of hearing. 

Interacting with a victim who is blind.