Communication Quick Tips

Communication Quick Tips provides tips for communication with citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). This 6th edition TOOL is perfect for law enforcement, adult protection workers, justice professionals, and others in the community who interact with citizens with IDDs. We offer two types of Communication Quick Tips :
  • Colorado Quick Tips: includes how to communicate with those who have an intellectual disability, developmental disability, or autism. Colorado Quick Tips also includes information on Colorado’s mandatory reporting law and a listing of all The Arc chapters in Colorado. Colorado Quick Tips is 3″x5″, printed back-to-back and in color, and has 5 panels and 4 vertical folds.
  • National Quick Tips: designed for professionals who live in the U.S. but outside of Colorado. National Quick Tips includes information on how to communicate with citizens who have an intellectual disability, developmental disability, or autism; is 3″x5″ and printed back-to-back in color, and has 4 panels with 3 vertical folds. One panel is left blank for you to tag with your (and local partners’) contact info.
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