THINK+change is a social enterprise of The Arc of Aurora that will, starting in 2017, brand the training and education work of The Arc of Aurora.

THINK+change will allow us to expand and refine our training and education outreach, all to benefit people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Education is the least intrusive form of advocacy, which The Arc of Aurora has been doing successfully for more than 40 years. The past nearly fifteen years have seen the organization focusing on training and education about the incidence, prevalence and impact of crime victimization of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We have successfully hosted more than 25 trainings over the years and have an email list of more than 1000 people interested in receiving information about future trainings.

THINK+change is the evolution of The Arc of Aurora’s advocacy and training efforts. In 2000 we realized people with disabilities were living secret lives of horrendous abuse and no one was talking about it. Through our efforts, today we have laws that mandate abuse reporting for victims with developmental disabilities resulting in a training market of all law enforcement personnel, every DA and all human service professionals … and the list goes on. Further, with The Arc of Aurora’s more than 2400 interested customers and 80+ trainings… we are ready to introduce Think+change to our community of eager learners. Our audience is ready for more and quite frankly we are tired of turning people away. We are social entrepreneurs aiming to systematically transform unfair societal conditions by creating products, services and methodologies that spur the transformation of the status quo.