What is THINK+change?

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THINK+change offers solutions-focused training and tools that change knowledge, attitude, and behavior to ultimately improve the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities.

  • Talks

    Providing the ease of portable trainings intended to improve lives through contemporary delivery methods.

  • Trainings

    Discover and build unique education, certification, and engagement opportunities for the community who support people with disabilities.

  • Tools

    Participate in unique education, certification, and engagement opportunities to help you improve the lives of people with disabilities.


  • I loved the ideas presented that affect students’ relationships with teachers/adults. This will help me more effectively build trust with students Read full testimonial >>
  • I have learned so much. You approach is refreshing. We want you to teach administrators + become systemically part of our education system! PLEASE! Read full testimonial >>
  • Everything very well organized, professional, friendly, informative, meeting other providers, parents. Read full testimonial >>